This  new section of the website is open to contributions by scholars and enthusiasts of the history of photography.

This initiative, which is prompted by the same spirit behind the commitment developed until now, intends to stimulate a deeper, broader and shared knowledge of the history of photography as an alternative reality.

The consent bestowed on this initiative is for the editor of the site a cause for satisfaction, comfort and encouragement. He therefore thanks for their support all those who have responded to his call by expressing their appreciation and by promptly providing their first contributions, or promising to provide them in the future. In particular he feels indebted to: Anna Amonaci, Gianluca Belli, Maria Francesca Bonetti, Roberto Caccialanza, Valeria Caruso, Pierangelo Cavanna, Mauro Cozzi, Steven Evans, Roberto Gargiani, Bruce Delaney Lundberg, Daniel Naegele, Ulrich Pohlmann, Marinetta Picone Petrusa, Adriaan Wessel Reinink, Anna Rosellini, Andrea Sciolari, Michele Smargiassi, Anchise Tempestini.

Daniel Naegele
Waiting for the Site to Show Up  link

Ulrich Pohlmann
Herbert List und Walter Hege  link

Andrea Sciolari
Una inedita fotografia degli esordi di Adriano De Bonis  link

Mauro Cozzi
Una ricostruzione digitale dell'archivio dei Barsotti fotografi  link

Roberto Caccialanza
Ernesto Fazioli fotografo a Cremona 

Emanuele Bennici
Su alcune antiche stereoscopie di Palermo link

Valeria Carullo
The Robert Elwall Photographs Collection at the RIBA British Architectural Library link

Emanuele Bennici
"La Sicile au stéréoscope". Una collezione di Alexis Gaudin et frères, Paris  link

Elena Canavese
"Le Photographiste", la rivista bimestrale di Frédéric Dillaye  link

Emanuele Bennici
William J. Stillman fotografo in Sicilia  link

Helena Perez Gallardo
Le prince Girón de Anglona
. Un amateur espagnol à l’école romaine de la photographie link

Marco Trinei
Perugia e l'Umbria nelle vedute fotografiche di Girolamo Tilli link

Emanuele Bennici
Di ritorno dall’Oriente: Jacob August Lorent in Sicilia   link

Emanuele Bennici

Catalogo della serie di stereoscopie “La Sicile au stéréoscope” edizione Gaudin Frères, Paris LINK  
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